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The farmer who wants to produce certified seed will register himself in the producer located nearer to his area. The registration is done in this portal. The Seed grower can view Inspection date and Status of Seed Farm and register his mobile to get SMS.

Any agency, Government or Private who owns a registered Seed Processing Unit can register itself as a Producer.. The registration will be approved by PSCA after inspection. The registered Producer is allowed to enroll seed growers for certification.

The season wise master registers are available since 2002. These registers are maintained In PSCA. The register gives the complete picture of Seed Process and seed production

The validity of seed is fixed as 9 months from the date of seed test. When the validity expires, the Seed Stockiest has to apply for re-validation of the seed.

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The standards in field level and the standards in seed level required for certified seeds have been provided
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