• The seed farm for the production of seed is registered by the Dy. Directors of Agriculture in Puducherry, Karaikal and Yanam regions and the Principal, KVK in Puducherry and Karaikal, who are designated as Seed Producers.

  • The process of seed certification begins with the registration of producers in Puducherry Seed Certification Agency on receipt of the application along with a fee Rs.25/crop/season.

  • The seed producers enrol willing farmers as seed growers and apply to the Seed Certification Agency for registration of individual seed farms by remitting the prescribed fee i.e., Rs.25/- for registration fee, Rs.60/ac. for inspection fee and Rs.30/- for Seed Testing for various stages of seed certification.

  • On receipt of application, the Chief Seed Certification Officer scrutinizes the applications, allot registration numbers after verifying the source of purchase of the seed as required and inform to the Seed Producers the date of inspection by the Seed Certification Officers at various stages of the crop.

  • The Seed Certification Officers (SCO) carry out accordingly the inspection of crop during the flowering, seed dough etc. and give instructions to the seed growers to carry out the corrective measures such as removal of off-types, weeding etc. notified during the inspection. The yield estimate is also given to the seed farm at final inspection if it confirms the minimum standards at field level.

  • However, if the field does not confirm to the minimum standards, Liable for Rejection (LFR) report is issued to the seed grower under intimation of the Dy. Chief Seed Certification Officer. The issue of LFR is subject to confirmation of the Dy. Chief Seed Certification Officer after inspecting the field once again.

  • After harvest of the crop, a Processing Report is issued to the growers by the SCO’s permitting to move the seed lots to a notified Processing Unit after confirming that the moisture and physical purity are as per standards such seed has to be packed in new gunny and sealed by the SCO.

  • The seed moved to the notified Processing Unit are processed in the presence and under supervision of the Seed Certification Officer concerned. He also monitors the sieve size fitted based on the variety, float percentage etc. and draws running samples during process.

  • After processing is completed, samples are drawn sent to the Seed Testing Laboratory for analysis of Other Distinguishable Variety(ODV), Germination, Physical Purity etc.

  • On receipt of the Seed Analysis Report from the Seed Testing Lab, the Chief Seed Certification Officer intimates the result to the Producer for tagging of the seed lot and tagging should be completed within two months from the date of analysis in the presence of the SCO.

  • Finally, the producer lifts the tagged seed lots to the M/s PASIC, Puducherry for distribution to farmers through the PASIC depots.

  • The Chief Seed Certification Officer and Dy. Chief Seed Certification Officer will conduct periodical inspection of the seed farms and processing units in order to supervise and ensure speedy action at all stages of seed certification i.e., at field level, Processing Unit, issue of certificate etc.

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