• The seed derived by a plant breeder from selected core plants to produce breeder seed.

  • At the time of release of a variety, small quantity of seed normally known as nucleus seed is available with the plant breeder.

  • Commercial quantity of seed is produced after a series of multiplication steps.

  • Starting from maintenance programme in which nucleus seed is multiplied in a generation system of multiplication as breeder, foundation and certified seed.


  • Breeder seed is produced from nucleus seed under the supervision of a qualified plant breeder in a research institute of Agricultural University.

  • Breeder seed is monitored by a joint inspection team of scientists and officials of certification agency and National Seed Corporation.

  • The genetic purity of breeder seed crop should be maintained at 100 per cent.

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  • Foundation seed is the progeny of breeder seed and is produced by State Farm Corporation of India, National Seed Corporation, State seed Corporation under technical control of qualified plant breeders or technical officers.

  • Its production is supervised and approved by certification agency.

  • The genetic purity of foundation seed should be maintained at 99.5 per cent.

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  • Certified seed is the progeny of foundation seed and its production is supervised and approved by certification agency.

  • The seed of this class is normally produced by the State and National Seeds Corporation and Private Seed companies on the farms of progressive growers.

  • This is the commercial seed which is available to the farmers and its genetic purity should be 99 per cent.

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